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About Nature Freedom

Nature Freedom is a not for profit social enterprise that aims to empower, inspire and connect young people aged 12 years to 35 with disabilities and/or mental health issues to nature.

Our organisation is all about inclusion, creating positive and meaningful access and opportunities for participation in the natural environment and employment for young people living with a disability and/or mental health issues.

The organisation was founded by Mathew Townsend in 2017. It is based on Mathew’s lived experiences and his belief there should be improved access and inclusive opportunities for people with disabilities and/or mental health issues to allow them to participate in nature based activities and enhance their prospects of gaining meaningful and worthwhile employment.

Everything we do is based on lived experiences and we aim to deliver quality and inclusive experiences co-designed by individuals with disabilities and the community. Nature Freedom aims to improve systemic challenges in infrastructure, landscape (natural environment) and employment barriers.

We prioritise collaboration by connecting across Industry, Government, Private and Public Organisations and Community to form strong partnerships and develop better ideas for inclusion. Despite being a relatively young organisation Nature Freedom has won several awards and accolades. We are proud to have been named the 2020 Winner of the Queensland Government’s Encouraging Participation Award at the Outdoor Queensland Awards.

Our Vision

A world without barriers.

Accessibility and opportunity for everyone to experience nature in a world without barriers.

Our Purpose

Create inclusion through our natural environment.

Our Mission

Provide outdoor experiences and education for people of all abilities.

Join our Inclusive Environmental Strategy Alliance Stakeholder Group!

Nature Freedom is establishing an alliance for Queensland’s Inclusive Environmental Strategy that improves the social inclusion and physical accessibility of our natural environments, tourism operations, National Parks, and so on.

At this stage, the strategy is under proposal, taking to the next step of potential launch in July 2021 partnering with the Queensland Government. We will have the opportunity to collaborate to improve social inclusion by increasing physical access to our natural environment through developing strategies with tourism and recreational operators, national parks, and others in the outdoor recreation and environmental industries.

The purpose of an Alliance is to:
· Bring together important stakeholders.
· Encourage greater levels of inclusion in environmental and outdoor spaces by providing a central voice.
· Develop and commit to a healthier and more connected Queensland by encouraging and supporting accessible facilities and greater inclusion every day.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send an email ( to arrange a meeting with the CEO, Mathew Townsend.